Firework Fiesta and bonfire 2012, Monday 5th November

Charity Bonfire Night Firework Fiesta

Wednesday 5th November 2014,

Gates open at 6pm, firework display at 7.30pm*

For the 36th successive year we are staging our Charity Bonfire and Firework Display at Humberdale Farm, Tranby Lane, Swanland on Wednesday, 5th November.

From 6pm onwards visitors can enjoy:

  • Our spectacular bonfire
  • Music from the steam organ
  • Games at the games stalls
  • Hog Roast
  • Mulled wine
  • Fancy goods and toys
  • Hot Dogs and Burgers from our food tent
  • Hot and Cold Drinks
  • Sweets and Crisps

At 7.30pm we will launch our most ambitious firework display yet! With a multitude of colours filling the night sky we hope to hear lots of Oooo’s  and  Aawww’s between the explosive pops and bangs of the Fireworks

We hope that you will be able to support the event and look forward to seeing you there !


  • Cars £10
  • Walking entry – £3 per adult and £2 for Children (under 16)

|t would help us greatly and speed your access to the event by having the correct change available at the gates.

Charity event

Please note that this is a charity event manned by Hull Wyke Round Table and Volunteers, all proceeds from the event are used by the Hull Wyke Round Table for charitable causes aimed at Local Children’s Charities   



*Firework Display is scheduled for 7.30pm but the exact time of the display may vary marginally dependant various factors such as weather conditions.

4 Responses to “Firework Fiesta and bonfire 2012, Monday 5th November”

  1. mjackson Says:

    Very disappointed that the display did not start on time, we left with a very tired, cold and upset 4 year old at 20.10 and the display hadn’t even started! An attendant on the way out told us the reason for the delay was to let more people in, we arrived at 6 o’clock to enjoy the build up and lighting of the bonfire so why couldn’t the display be started on time???

    Where can I get a refund so I can give the ticket money direct to our local school.

  2. Sayersd Says:

    Firstly, thanks for getting in touch, any feedback we receive is greatly welcome and useful for us to improve our community events.

    I am sorry you were disappointed with the event. In the first instance we were forced to make a late change to the location of the venue due to the ground being too wet in the usual field. This in turn caused problems and delays with the car parking which resulted in greater delays for people getting access to the event. Because of this we delayed the firework display for 15 minutes. Unfortunately due to the wet ground some of the stakes and ropes marking the boundaries collapsed and people moved forward to get a better view of the fireworks. For health and safety reasons, the company responsible for the fireworks would not set them off until everyone had moved back – and this took some time to do.

    Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds but if you purchased your ticket through your local school they will automatically take a share of that money. All money we raise is given to good causes and charities, mainly for the benefit of children but always in the local area. We always listen to comments made to us and strive to improve our bonfire night year after year. We hope you will come again next year!

  3. lindy loo Says:

    I too was disappointed with the fireworks display build up.Goodness knows what condition the original site was in if you decided the one used was okay. It was a ploughed field so how did you think hundreds of people were going to be okay walking ondeep mud. People were loosing their shoes because it was so boggy. My 5year old was literally sinking on the way out because you had some kind of tape across and we couldnt keep walking.How there wasnt people hurt i will never know. I will keep away in future and also not recommend this event. The fireworks were amazing . I was pretty close to the display and never saw anyone being moved back. the marshall i spoke to also told me the delay was because they wanted to let more people in who were waiting.
    I have sent you an e-mail but as yet no response. I also thought it was illegal to burn Tyres……..

  4. Sayersd Says:

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    I am very sorry to hear about your experience at our bonfire. We tried very hard to overcome many problems that arose this year and have learned a number of lessons in the process. I can confirm that the field we used for the bonfire was not ploughed. After a very late change of location (the usual field was far too wet to hold any kind of event on it) we began setting up on the field that was used. Unfortunately, as larger vehicles drove onto the field to build the bonfire (in our absence) they created some furrows in the ground which I suspect were the reason for you believing the ground to be ploughed. We tried to cordon of the muddiest areas and the owner of the land also made some attempt to flatten the furrows shortly before the event but this had only limited success.

    We had examined the field carefully when looking for an alternative location and had had no problem with mud or sinking etc. as we walked across it or when driving smaller vehicles over it. Unfortunately, larger vehicles did churn up the ground and was something I wish we had anticipated sooner. In addition to this, the change in location led to some delays with the car parking arrangements and so the fireworks were delayed for 15 minutes to allow people queuing more time to get a good view but after this we had issues with spectators moving past the (collapsed) rope barriers and the company doing the fireworks refused (understandably) to set them off until they were moved back to the minimum distance.

    I am very pleased that you enjoyed the firework display itself but, as I already mentioned, we faced some challenging situations and learned a number of lessons this year and I can only apologise for the disappointment you had with the mud and delays that occurred. Our event is run entirely by volunteers and all money raised is given to good causes in our local area so I would like to thank you for coming this year and hope you will give us another chance next year. We always listen to comments made and attempt to improve year on year.

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